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  • Replacing President Obama’s Sequester

    by Representative John A. Boehner

    Posted on 2013-02-04

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    BOEHNER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. BOEHNER. Mr. Speaker, President Obama missed a great opportunity today to help our economy. This was supposed to be the day that the President submitted his budget to the Congress, but it's not coming. It's going to be late. Some reports say that it could be as long as a month late. I think that's too bad. Our economy could use some Presidential leadership right now.

    On Thursday, the President disbanded his jobs council after a grand total of four meetings in two years. Then, as Americans got to work on Friday, they learned that our economy still isn't creating enough jobs. The unemployment rate actually went up.

    Now, if government spending does cause growth, as the President believes, we shouldn't be having these problems. And then maybe it wouldn't be so disappointing that his budget is late.

    [[Page H318]] Well, we are having trouble, in large part because spending is the problem. It's what's chasing jobs overseas and causing much anxiety about our future.

    One example of something the President's budget could have addressed is his sequester. A sequester is Washington-speak for automatic spending cuts. The President first proposed the sequester in 2011 and insisted that it be part of the debt limit agreement.

    Now, twice the House has passed legislation to replace the President's sequester with commonsense reforms that would reduce spending and preserve and strengthen our safety net for future generations. We've spelled it all out. We've done our work because we're committed to getting spending under control, and we've long said there's a better way to cut spending.

    Unfortunately, our Democratic colleagues in the Senate haven't taken action. They haven't acted on our plan to replace the President's sequester or haven't offered one of their own.

    What we should do is replace the President's sequester with responsible reforms that will help balance the budget in 10 years. Our goal is to grow the economy, expand opportunity and prosperity, and ensure America maintains its leading role in the world with a strong national defense.

    To do that we need to budget responsibly. We need a budget that reflects those priorities. But to replace the President's sequester, we need our Democratic colleagues to get serious about spending.

    I wish I could give the American people more cause for optimism, but we see the President's budget is late and the Senate hasn't passed a budget in nearly four years.

    This week the House will act on a measure introduced by the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Price) that requires the President to submit a balanced budget, because we know--and I think the American people agree--spending is the problem. And the sooner we solve our spending problem, the sooner we'll solve our jobs problem too.


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