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  • Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    by Representative Tom Emmer

    Posted on 2015-02-03

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    EMMER. I thank the gentleman from Texas, Representative Brady, for his leadership on this issue.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to address the urgent health needs of this Nation. I asked my constituents to share with me how ObamaCare has affected them, and I want to share a few of their stories with you today.

    Troy, from Norwood Young America, wrote that his family's premium went up and coverage went down, drastically affecting the cost of his son's hearing aid.

    Brian, from Albertville, said his wife's mental health clinic has steadily lost clients due to regulations.

    Today, Congress will vote to get rid of this fundamentally flawed and unworkable law, but this cannot be for show. It is not enough for Congress to simply be against ObamaCare. We need to offer alternatives. By offering market-based, consumer-focused reforms, we can find real solutions, and I am committed to working with my colleagues to get it done. It is time to stop playing party politics with the public's health.

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