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  • Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    by Representative John R. Moolenaar

    Posted on 2015-02-03

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    MOOLENAAR. Mr. Speaker, this is my first speech on the House floor, and today I am here speaking because we are voting to repeal the unpopular and unaffordable Affordable Care Act.

    Our Nation has over $18 trillion in debt, and this law adds to it by spending more money we don't have. The cost of coverage subsidies alone is expected to quadruple over the next 10 years, according to the CBO.

    The Federal Government is picking up the tab for Medicaid expansion, and it will eventually pass the enormous financial burden on to State budgets. In the last decade alone, Michigan has gone from one in eight residents enrolled in Medicaid to approaching one in four enrolled in this unsustainable government program.

    What is more, this law has the effect of throwing a wet blanket on the economy. Small business owners say rising health insurance costs are their biggest concern, and the health insurance tax costs them $688 per employee. School districts have cut the hours of part-time employees, and businesses can't afford to hire more employees because of the costs of mandated coverage. We have even seen colleges and universities cut back hours for student workers, and now they earn less money to pay for their classes.

    Individuals, families, and businesses all face continuing uncertainty over health care coverage and its costs. The administration, alone, has made 28 changes to the law, including delaying mandates, changing verification requirements, pushing back enrollment dates because the Web site wasn't ready, and expanding waivers to deal with the cancelation of millions of health care plans.

    Five years after it was signed, the President's health care law is still changing, and last November the Department of Health and Human Services proposed 35 more revisions. It is time to permanently repeal the excessive spending, the economic pain, and the continuing uncertainty caused by this law and replace it with patient-centered alternatives with lower premiums that allow individuals to choose the coverage they want. It is time to empower patients to take control of their health care choices.

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