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  • Remembering Leo Sanchez

    by Senator John Barrasso

    Posted on 2013-03-12

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    BARRASSO. Madam President, on Sunday, March 10, 2013, Wyoming lost a beloved veteran and citizen, Leo Sanchez. I would like to tell my colleagues about this patriot.

    There is a Marine Corps saying, ``Marines never die; they regroup at the pearly gates and wait for Saint Peter to issue them orders.'' Those who knew Leo are certain he is running through a list with Saint Peter regarding his ideas to improve heaven.

    Leo served our great Nation first in the Army National Guard and then in the Marine Corps. He fought in Korea. Following his service, he came home to Wyoming and had a successful career as an educator. His desire to serve his community did not end in the classroom; Leo became an involved member of every veteran organization. His priority was helping fellow veterans from every branch and period, at every opportunity.

    It is impossible to measure the loss of a man like Leo Sanchez. His absence will be felt by Wyoming for generations. Leo was one of my State's great treasures. He always gave more than he himself required. I could always count on seeing Leo in uniform beaming with pride and celebrating fellow veterans and our Nation's patriotic events.

    Leo was not only a veteran but a beloved teacher. Leo's legacy is in the children of Wyoming, those whom he taught and inspired. Leo recognized a secret that very few embrace: regardless of the conditions of the day, America will always remain great as long as her children understand patriotism and choose to live their lives to those patriotic standards. Leo wholeheartedly believed that there is always hope as long as the next generation values the cost and necessary sacrifice that accompany freedom.

    Regardless of an individual's race, creed, or handicap, Leo found a way for every man, woman and child to participate in what it means to be an American. He appreciated that what makes the United States great isn't the flag on a flagpole but rather the hands that hold the flagpole. Leo instilled in everyone the importance of service, sacrifice, duty and love of country through his every action.

    Semper Fidelis, Leo Sanchez, you will be missed.


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