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  • Remembering James Allen

    by Senator John Boozman

    Posted on 2015-01-27

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    BOOZMAN. Mr. President, I wish to honor the life and legacy of Rogers Police Chief James Allen, who passed away on Thursday after a long battle with cancer.

    After more than three decades of public service, Chief Allen was well respected in the law enforcement community across Arkansas. He was a dedicated leader who devoted his life to law enforcement.

    Chief Allen graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in criminal justice. Following graduation he joined the Jacksonville Police Department and within a few short years was named the captain of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. Chief Allen was the youngest police chief to serve on the Bentonville Police Force, a position which he held for 22 years. During his time at the helm of the Bentonville Police Department, Chief Allen graduated from the FBI National Academy. In 2011, he became the Rogers police chief.

    I am greatly appreciative for Chief Allen's continued service over the years to Arkansas and Rogers, the community I call home. Chief Allen was a man of the law, and he was always looking for opportunities to improve the resources for his staff and the community by applying for grants. I was happy to help support his endeavors.

    I pray for his family and friends during this trying time, and I hope they find comfort knowing that Chief Allen touched so many lives in the State. He will be missed but leaves a lasting legacy. ____________________

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