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    Remembering Charlie Roos

    by Former Senator Mark Udall

    Posted on 2013-12-19

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    UDALL of Colorado. Mr. President, today I wish to remember an extraordinary journalist and Coloradan, Charlie Roos. Charlie was a journalist and editorialist for some 60 years at the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. He was a man of exceptional character, strong opinions and great wit--in short, he was a true Westerner. His writing was fair and objective, and he sought to hold all public officials accountable, no matter their political affiliations. This made his politics difficult to pigeonhole; he favored good governance and public service over partisanship.

    Charlie grew up in Hiawatha, KS, and served our country during World War II. Following the war he went to Kansas University and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors. In 1946, his beloved wife Liza and daughter Mary moved with him to Denver where Charlie began his journalism career with the Denver Post. After many years covering State and national politics for the Post, he moved to the Rocky Mountain News where he remained until its closing in 2009. At the Rocky, Charlie served multiple roles including as a Washington, D.C., correspondent, political editor and weekly columnist. He continued to write about local and national politics on a personal blog until his death on August 27 of this year.

    He is survived by a daughter, Mary Roos Catton; sons, Billy and Bob Roos; grandchildren, Jane Johnson, Megan Feltes, Jasmine Hartman and Charlie Roos; and great grandchildren, Jordan and Mason Johnson; Samantha, Kyle and Asher Hartman; and Joe and Naomi Roos.

    Charlie was a loyal and devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He was also a dedicated journalist, with a passion for reporting and telling the truth to the people of [[Page S9049]] Colorado. Charlie loved politics, and he believed in a higher standard for those who hold the public's trust. His writing was steeped in the history of Colorado and the Nation, which helped make his columns touchstones in our political dialogue. Like many in this country, he was disappointed in recent years at the vitriol and extremism that has crept into our debates. He bemoaned the decline of respectful opposition. Colorado lost a wise voice with the passing of Charlie Roos. Many, including myself, lost a mentor. But we should use his example to remind ourselves that the American people deserve the best that we can give. Our actions will always be measured against the high bar he set.

    I ask that my colleagues join me in remembering Charlie Roos for his passion for reporting, his political wisdom and his dedication to Colorado. He will be missed. ____________________

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