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  • Recognizing William ``Bill’’ Lovelady Jr.

    by Senator Roger F. Wicker

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    WICKER. Madam President, I wish to recognize Mr. William ``Bill'' Lovelady, Jr., for his 34 years of service in the U.S. Army. Bill has worked on behalf of our Nation as a civil servant, rising to chief counsel for the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, or ERDC. Throughout his career, he has displayed leadership, professionalism, initiative, and dedication. His accomplishments will have a significant and lasting impact on the Corps of Engineers' laboratory community, the Army, and our Nation. Today, in recognition of his retirement, I offer thanks and congratulations.

    Prior to Bill's 22 years as counsel to the ERDC and Waterways Experiment Station, he served as assistant division counsel to the Lower Mississippi Valley Division and Corps of Engineers. He also worked for the Vicksburg District of the Corps as a trial attorney. In these capacities, Bill played an instrumental role in the successful execution of the command's missions, particularly regarding research and development. In fact, he is acknowledged as the Corps' leading legal authority in this mission area.

    Bill's accomplishments do not end there. He has been recognized by chief counsels as an example for other legal managers in the command, including his selection as a charter member of the Chief Counsel's Managing Partners Group, board of directors. This group, comprised of senior Corps attorneys, is responsible for recommendations to improve the delivery of legal services. Bill's exceptional legal advice, acumen, and sound judgment were no doubt of immense value to this group.

    Bill has also served as an advisor to the ERDC Installation Planning Board, ERDC Program Budget Advisory Committee, ERDC-Vicksburg Site Partnership Council, ERDC Special Recognition Committee, and ERDC Senior Anti-Terrorism Steering Committee. He is a member of the Federal Laboratory Consortium Legal Support Subcommittee and an active participant in the Department of Defense, DOD, Technology Transfer Integrated Project Team.

    In 1999, Bill worked tirelessly in the reorganization of the Corps' laboratories to establish the ERDC. He helped develop plans, worked to implement them, and solved numerous leadership, administrative, labor- management, and legal challenges. In reviewing all aspects of the reorganization plans, he ensured that R&D leadership was advised of potential legal concerns and solutions through the process. Moreover, he effectively assumed leadership over the geographically dispersed and formerly independent legal assets of the Corps' laboratory system. Because of the legal team's substantial contributions, ERDC's structure and operating mode have served as a model for delivery of legal services across the Corps.

    Bill has always been a proven manager and adviser. In 1998, a new human resources system was instituted under one of nine congressionally authorized science and technology laboratory personnel management demonstration projects. Bill applied his leadership and legal experience to identifying the distinctions between the features of the project and the basic Federal personnel system. His advice was critical to implementation strategies and problem-solving during the transition.

    Bill is the coauthor of the ``Research & Development Partnering Handbook,'' a comprehensive guide that collected all R&D partnering authorities, pursuant to the Technology Transfer Act. He has assisted in the negotiation and resolution of complicated legal issues involving the licensing of ERDC-developed technologies. He also has played a key role in supporting ERDC's laboratories with the drafting and negotiating of domestic and international patent licenses, cooperative research and development agreements, education and interagency partnership agreements, and service agreements. These instruments have seen ERDC partner with State and local governments, other Federal agencies, colleges, universities, and private companies.

    Since the early 1990s, Bill has also provided legal advice and assistance for the Department of Defense's High Performance Supercomputing Modernization Plan. He was essential to the establishment of DOD's first High Performance Computing Resource Center and recently addressed issues involving access to DOD's high performance supercomputing facilities.

    In short, Bill has been vital to the Engineer Research and Development Center management team and its success. His friendly, outgoing personality only adds to his professionalism. On a personal note, I would add that he has been a close friend of mine for over four decades and his wife Dianne has been a lifelong friend. I wish them both the best in this new chapter of their lives.


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