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  • Recognizing Time Warner Cable

    by Representative Tom Reed

    Posted on 2013-02-14

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    REED of new york in the house of representatives Thursday, February 14, 2013 Mr. REED. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Time Warner Cable for its Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) initiative. This program is designed to inspire the next generation of problem solvers by connecting young people to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) outside of the classroom.

    This campaign includes original public service announcements and programming, grants to support nonprofit organizations that introduce students to STEM, and the creation of ``The Connectory,'' a one-of-a- kind resource that allows parents to find kid-centric STEM learning opportunities in their own backyards. The CAMM initiative also encourages Time Warner Cable employees to volunteer at science fairs, robotics competitions, and local Connect a Million Minds events.

    The STEM fields have become increasingly important for the development of our country as the world continues to modernize at a rapid pace. The performance of U.S. students in STEM subjects has fallen behind their international peers. Today, more and more employers report having a difficult time finding qualified applicants for STEM jobs. This problem will continue to grow as it is estimated that the number of jobs in STEM fields will increase 17% by 2018. Given this figure, it is difficult to understate the importance of STEM education for both our nation's collective economic future and the future of our nation's students.

    The CAMM program has focused resources across several Congressional Districts, including the 23rd District of New York. With increased attention and support from community and industry leaders that will someday hire students in STEM fields, programs like CAMM are critical to building a pool of future qualified employees. I commend Time Warner Cable for its CAMM initiative; and I want my colleagues to understand the importance of such initiatives and their positive impact on all of our communities.


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