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  • Recognizing the South China Sea Peace Initiative of Taiwanese President Ma

    by Representative Mike Bishop

    Posted on 2015-12-17

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    BISHOP of michigan in the house of representatives Thursday, December 17, 2015 Mr. BISHOP of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, the United States and Taiwan enjoy deep and close relationship that covers areas including security, culture, and trade. Taiwan has played a significant role in promoting democracy in the East Asia and contributed to international development, humanitarian missions, and regional stability, such as in the South China Sea.

    Earlier this year, Taiwan President Ma proposed the South China Sea Peace Initiative, calling on claimants in the region to resolve disputes peacefully through international laws, in particular the freedom of navigation and overflight, and consultations based on equality and reciprocity. I appreciate his leadership and efforts in promoting regional peace and stability.

    On December 12, 2015, Taiwan's Minister of the Interior flew to the Taiping (Itu Aba) Island, which is the largest natural island in the Spratly islands and administered by ROC (Taiwan) government since 1946, and reiterated President Ma's South China Sea Peace Initiative. We encourage any efforts that contribute to lower regional tensions and hope all the parties involved will work together to maintain regional peace.


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