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  • Recognizing the Service of Dr. Eric Rudenshiold

    by Representative Peter J. Roskam

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    ROSKAM of illinois in the house of representatives Thursday, December 11, 2014 Mr. ROSKAM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today on behalf of my colleague, Congressman David Price, and the Members of the House Democracy Partnership (HDP) to recognize a dedicated public servant, Dr. Eric Rudenshiold, who recently concluded his service as staff director for HDP. As chairman of HDP, it has been my privilege to work with Dr. Rudenshiold to engage the legislative bodies of developing democracies around the world.

    During his tenure with HDP, Dr. Rudenshiold has been a passionate advocate for democracy building and an expert on global political development. He was instrumental in helping to stabilize HDP after a turbulent post-sequester period and his strategic vision has helped to put HDP on sound footing for the future.

    In addition to sewing as a knowledgeable and trusted counselor, Dr. Rudenshiold executed a massive logistical feat with deftness and charm, successfully working with high profile leaders on multiple continents over a period of many months to plan and conduct the HDP curriculum. This past September he helped organize a seminar with Members of Parliament from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, and Pakistan, which explored ways to strengthen transparency and government oversight. In October, he led a foreign staff training seminar for HDP's partner countries teaching effective legislative oversight, budget analysis, committee operations, and constituent relations. Lastly, in November he developed a workshop for women Members of Parliament from Afghanistan, Albania, Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Honduras, Kenya, Mongolia and Peru offering tools and resources to grow their capacity as legislators and leaders in their home countries. Through Dr. Rudenshiold's hard work, HDP successfully executed a busy 2014 program and has laid the groundwork for an equally ambitious 2015 agenda.

    Mr. Speaker and Distinguished Colleagues, please join me in recognizing Dr. Eric Rudenshiold for his years of service in pursuit of the ideal of effective, representative democracy not just in the United States, but throughout the world, and in wishing him all the best as he embarks on new challenges and a new chapter.


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