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  • Recognizing the People of Campbell County, Wyoming

    by Senator Michael B. Enzi

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    ENZI. Mr. President, I recently traveled to my hometown of Gillette, WY. I am usually in Wyoming most weekends, but I get to my hometown only about every other month because I have a huge State to cover. I happened to get there when the senior citizens were having their annual crafts gala. As I wandered through, looking at all of the marvelous things they had done, I was shown a Christmas ornament specifically designed for our county. I was asked if I could take it and a message to our President. Of course I agreed, and today I want to share that message and that ornament with my fellow Senators.

    That is what it looks like on the tree.

    The letter says: Dear Mr. President, We seniors of Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming, want to send you this Christmas ornament that reflects the support of many programs in our community. Without the coal and oil industries, Campbell County would not have such a wonderful school system or the outstanding programs for seniors. The Campbell County Senior Center provides hot lunches for seniors Monday through Friday and serves about 100 (or more) every day. It also offers numerous other activities such as ceramics, painting, exercise classes, social activities, computer classes, day trips to local points of interest, and assistance in completing forms for government programs. We feel the Campbell County Senior Center is the Cadillac of all senior centers.

    The coal and oil industries not only support Campbell County but they support the whole State of Wyoming. Much of the tax dollars generated by the coal and oil industries are distributed throughout Wyoming. When your administration tries so hard to close down these industries, it not only affects the thousands of families in Campbell County but it affects the whole state. Although we realize there are valid concerns about global warming and environmental issues in our country, we want to testify that the coal and oil industries in our county are environmentally conscience and they work hard to beautify the land here.

    The people of Wyoming not only receive but they also give freely. If there is anyone in need here, the people step forward and give their time, talents, and resources. If every state in this country would give as Wyoming does, there wouldn't be any hunger or homelessness.

    We have enclosed some photos to show you a few of the programs offered to children, seniors, and families in Campbell County. We ask that you please take the time to look at them. We would also like to invite you to visit Campbell County to see the wonderful community we have. Visit our open-pit coal mines and our oil industry along with the various forms of wildlife that share this land.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to the concerned seniors of Gillette, Wyoming.

    May God Bless You and Your Family! The letter is dated November 17, 2015. At the end of the letter is a list of a number of the seniors who signed the letter. I ask unanimous consent that their names be printed in the Record.

    There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows: Thomas W. Procket, Sheryl Matthews, Nancy Pauluson, Rollie G. Banks, Zaigie Setterling, Marlene Jones, Debbie S. Schofield, Jeff Ketterling, Buede Jones, James Osborne, Camel A. Lipne, Naima Appel, Jim & Eseelle Hanson, Marian Neugebauer, Colleen Neese, Joann Gilliertson, Betty Lou Anderson, Norm Bennett, Marie Mortellaro, John P. McClellam, Mary Jo Younglund, Bradley Shane Anderson, Marie Tarno, Margret Chase, Barbara Rognnae, Laura Kerry, Bernie A. Darson, Bonnie Z. Namor, June Keeney, Kerolyn S. Jones, Allie Bratton.

    Janel Laubach, I C. Hecht, Rhyllis Rae Alldekoven, Cathy Raney, Barbara [[Page S8717]] Leastmen, Patsy K. Drume, Susan Burke, Fred C. Smiley, Betty Beesley, Mary Ann Bourne, Renee Davis, Mary Frances Reest, Judy G. Deters, Andrew W. Deters, Glorienera H. Ceven, Lucille Gaungen, Belle Demple, Maria Case, Raymond Case, Bill & Elaine Sharpe, Rose & Fred Schave, Lloyd Derrick, J.W. Keeflang, Ruth Steffen, Gladys Pridgeon, John A. Hart, Fays Coleman.

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