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  • Recognizing the Importance of School Choice

    by Senator John Boozman

    Posted on 2015-01-29

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    BOOZMAN. Mr. President, the Senate passed a resolution that I was proud to cosponsor recognizing this week as National School Choice Week.

    As a former school board member, I understand that State and local governments are best equipped to make education decisions for their communities--not Washington. Students and parents deserve to choose the education that meets their needs. I am committed to empowering parents with the ability to choose the best education options for their children.

    I asked Arkansans to share with me why school choice is important to them. Crystal Holland of Beebe wrote to me about her son, Hunter, who has high-functioning autism. She wrote that he was misdiagnosed with ADHD when he was 4 years old and diagnosed with autism when he was 11 years old. ``He missed out on some very important critical skills because of all the discipline problems he was having due to anxiety,'' Holland wrote. ``School choice allows me to homeschool him as a result and I am very thankful for the opportunity.'' Bob and Mary Anne Fielder of Hot Springs included competition in their email to me. ``Competition is always good. You would see a much improved public school system,'' they wrote.

    I agree with the Fielders. Competition among schools improves the standards for everybody. This Congress [[Page S651]] we will take important steps to improve education nationwide by fixing No Child Left Behind. This is a key vehicle to providing flexibility to States and to families so they can make the choices about education opportunities for their children.

    This week I skyped with students at public charter schools across Arkansas. The students said having educational options was important to them because it allows them to be better prepared for their interests beyond high school graduation.

    I am proud to support National School Choice Week and the outstanding educational choices that Arkansas offers. When it comes to education, it is important that we get the job done right. Allowing the freedom to choose between educational options for children is one way we can help parents make the best decision for their children's futures. ____________________

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