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    Recognizing the Iawp and Dick Freeman

    by Former Senator Tom Harkin

    Posted on 2013-03-18

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    HARKIN. Mr. President, I would like to congratulate the International Association of Workforce Professionals, IAWP, for a century of leadership in enhancing the professionalism and excellence of America's workforce systems. IAWP will have a special celebration of this centennial milestone during its annual International Educational Conference in Chicago from July 6 to 10. IAWP was founded in Chicago and also celebrated its 50th and 75th anniversaries in that great Midwestern city. The association will honor its founder, W.M. Leiserson, superintendent of Wisconsin Employment Offices. In 1913, he reached out to his counterparts in other States to organize a nationwide association of public employment offices. Since its founding, IAWP has consistently worked to advance its founding principles: to provide members with education, leadership opportunities, information exchange, and recognition of excellence. In particular I would also like to applaud one of my constituents, Dick Freeman, who is receiving a much deserved Lifetime Achievement Award from IAWP at its July conference.

    Dick has been a member of the Iowa chapter of IAWP for 41 years, including serving as the Iowa legislative chair since 1985. He has received the Iowa I-Care Award numerous times during his tenure of more than four decades with the association. This award is given for professionals who perform above and beyond normal leadership duties.

    Dick played an important role in planning and hosting IAWP's 1990 International Educational Conference in Des Moines. He was the deputy director of the Iowa chapter when it chose to compete to host that year's International Education Conference. Iowa won the bid thanks to Dick's initiative and persistence. Approximately 1,200 IAWP members attended the 1990 conference in Iowa.

    Mr. President, I am very pleased to recognize Dick Freeman for his many decades of dedicated service to IAWP members in Iowa and all across the Nation. Again, I congratulate the International Association of Workforce Professionals for 100 years of service to America's workers.

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