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  • Recognizing the 90Th Anniversary of U.s. Probation and Pretrial Services

    A picture of Senator Susan M. Collins

    Senator Susan M. Collins

    From: ME

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2015-09-15

    COLLINS. Mr. President, in March of 1925, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law the Probation Act, making that sentencing option available in the Federal courts. Six months later, on September 22,...

    A picture of Senator Angus S. King, Jr.

    Senator Angus S. King, Jr.

    From: ME

    Party: Independent

    Date: 2015-09-15

    KING. Mr. President, I wish to recognize the 90th anniversary of the U.S. Probation System in Maine, for their dedication to ensuring the criminal justice system operates effectively and the public remains...