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  • Recognizing March as Social Work Month

    by Representative David Scott

    Posted on 2013-03-13

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    SCOTT of georgia in the house of representatives Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Mr. DAVID SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to call your attention to an entire profession of people dedicated to serving the most vulnerable among us. I am referring, of course, to social workers. Social workers have touched the lives of millions of individuals and families in need of emotional, psychological, economic and physical support. They have integrated themselves within our nation's social safety net in order to help meet the basic needs of all people.

    These hardworking advocates do not simply provide individuals with the resources they need to resolve their life challenges; they also cultivate a sense of self-reliance to encourage individuals to create their own solutions. Social workers help connect service providers to those in need to weave an ever-growing social safety net, and I commend them for their dedication.

    March was officially recognized as National Professional Social Work Month in 1984. Since then social workers around the country, in my community and in yours, have worked to spread awareness of this critical profession. They have reached out not only to service providers and those in need, but also to students and others with the potential to join this noble profession.

    To those of you who have joined this hard-working, empathetic and resourceful group of people, I thank you for all the time and energy you have invested in helping others in your community. I hope that you will continue to do so, with the knowledge that your efforts have been recognized and appreciated.


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