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  • Recognizing Lowcountry Students

    by Senator Tim Scott

    Posted on 2014-12-12

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    SCOTT. Madam President, I wish to commend the hard work and achievement of a team of students and their teacher in my State of South Carolina.

    I believe that education, and especially STEM education, is a key to success, and I am thrilled to see students across my State and our Nation creating original research to compete for the honor of having their experiments performed in space by the Student Spaceflights Experiments Program.

    This year, this team of Lowcountry students and teachers collaborated on an extraordinary experiment design to test the formation of tin whiskers in lead-free solder in space flight. With tin whisker formation causing failures in devices ranging from space satellites to pacemakers, the students chose an important and relevant topic for their work.

    Rachel Lindbergh, a senior at the Palmetto Scholars Academy, Gabriel Voigt, a sophomore at Bishop England High School, and Joseph Garvey, a sophomore at Palmetto Scholars Academy, came together with their teacher facilitator Kelly Voigt and put in a tremendous number of hours to create an excellent research project design.

    The team's experiment will be launched into space as part of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Mission 6 to the International Space Station.

    I am very proud of their work, and hope that it will serve as an example for all students that if you work hard and follow your passion, there is no telling where it may lead you. ____________________

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