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  • Recognizing Chief William ``Tony’’ Farrar

    by Representative Norma J. Torres

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    TORRES of california in the house of representatives Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Mrs. TORRES. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Chief William ``Tony'' Farrar of the Rialto Police Department for his outstanding service to the community.

    For 34 years, Chief Farrar has actively served in various capacities to lead officers in the Rialto Police Department. His work has been described as exemplary by colleagues on account of his extreme professionalism and compassionate nature. Among Chief Farrar's many accomplishments include his induction into the Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame for his scientific evaluation of policing practices. Throughout his tenure, he has received widespread commendation for his leadership and extensive knowledge of tactical operations.

    As Chief of Police, Chief Farrar has been a major proponent of integrating new technologies into everyday police activities. In doing so, he is an advocate for ``evidence-based policing,'' which consists of implementing tactics that have demonstrated proven effectiveness. He understands the complexities of modern-day policing, and insists on officers continuing their education throughout their careers in order to gain a continual understanding of the field. Chief Farrar's outlook has been essential for maintaining an active police force that provides public safety to people in the region.

    Most recently, Chief Farrar has been involved in researching Body Worn Video devices that are being implemented in police departments throughout the United States His work is contributing to the growing field of literature on the subject and is developing future police tactics. Last year, the Journal of Quantitative Criminology published an article written by him analyzing the effects of these devices on the use of force and citizens' complaints against police. His knowledge in this field is bolstered by the master's degree that he received from the University of Cambridge in 2013 along with the many fellowships that he has participated in throughout the years.

    Chief Farrar is retiring from the Rialto Police Department, and on December 21, many members of the community will be participating in a walk of honor to celebrate his legacy. This momentous event will be a demonstration of the lasting impact that he has made on residents in the area. While he will surely be missed, I am excited to see how he will continue to be a part of the community.

    For his heroic contributions to the Rialto Police Department, and for his many other achievements, I would like to recognize Chief Tony Farrar.


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