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  • Recognizing 2015 Illinois Teacher of the Year Steve Elza

    by Representative Peter J. Roskam

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    ROSKAM of illinois in the house of representatives Thursday, December 11, 2014 Mr. ROSKAM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Mr. Steve Elza, the 2015 Illinois Teacher of the Year.

    Mr. Elza is an Applied Technology teacher at William Fremd High School in my district who teaches Automotive Technology classes and is the sponsor of the school Auto Club. He has worked in School District 211 and Fremd High School for over 7 years and strives to create an educational environment where students learn real-world skills they can take with them after graduation.

    I think we can all agree that teachers are in a unique position to mold their students, and good teachers can guide and inspire students to achieve. Speaking to his students and peers, it is clear that Mr. Elza is a great teacher. Day in and day out he goes above and beyond to create a classroom environment where students can pursue projects they are passionate about, an approach that energizes his students, expands their skillsets, and reminds them that learning can be fun. Teaching students to explore their interests, and consider their career prospects, Mr. Elza has had an outsized impact on the success of his students as they go out into the workforce as young adults.

    Evidence of his unique approach isn't hard to find. Through the Auto Club, students participate in various extracurricular activities like practicing maintenance repairs on cars of faculty members and competing in a national automotive competition held annually in Las Vegas. By engaging students to enjoy and apply what they are learning, Mr. Elza has broken through the bustle of busy young lives to really leave a mark on students. It's proven to be a winning formula.

    Mr. Speaker and Distinguished Colleagues please join me in recognizing Mr. Steve Elza for his outstanding service and congratulate him on being named the 2015 Illinois Teacher of the Year.


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