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  • Providing for Further Consideration of H.R. 5, Student Success Act, and Providing for Consideration of H.R. 2647, Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015

    by Representative Virginia Foxx

    Posted on 2015-07-08

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    FOXX. I thank my colleague from Washington for yielding and for his kind comments.

    Mr. Speaker, today's debate on education and the Student Success Act is a crucial one for our future.

    Over the last five decades, the Federal Government's role in education has increased dramatically. The Department of Education currently runs more than 80 K-12 education programs, many of which are duplicative or ineffective.

    As a school board member in North Carolina, I saw how the vast reporting requirements for these Federal programs tie the hands of State and local school education leaders.

    My colleagues on the House Education and the Workforce Committee and I have been working on the Student Success Act to make commonsense changes to update Federal law, addressing the concerns raised following No Child Left Behind.

    Our legislation is centered on four principles: reducing the Federal footprint in education, empowering parents, supporting effective teachers, and restoring local control.

    H.R. 5, the Student Success Act, will also streamline the Department of Education's bureaucracy by eliminating more than 65 duplicative and ineffective Federal education programs, cutting through the bureaucratic red tape that is stifling innovation in the classroom, granting States and school districts the authority to use Federal education funds as they believe will best meet the unique needs of their students.

    Additionally, this legislation will take definitive steps to limit the Secretary's authority by prohibiting him or her from coercing States into adopting academic standards like the Common Core.

    If we would like to reduce the Federal Government's role in education, we must act. In the absence of congressional action, President Obama and his Education Department have taken unprecedented steps to regulate education.

    Beginning in 2011, the Obama administration began offering States temporary waivers from No Child Left Behind's onerous burden in exchange for granting the Secretary of Education complete discretion to coerce States into enacting the President's preferred education reforms.

    The Student Success Act provides an important opportunity to stop President Obama's overreach into State and local education debates through his waiver scheme.

    Mr. Speaker, our children deserve better. It is time to acknowledge more Federal intrusion cannot address the challenges facing schools. That is the promise of the Student Success Act: a reduced Federal role, focused on restoring authority and control to parents, teachers, States, and communities on how our children are educated.

    I urge my colleagues to support the rule and the underlying bill.

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