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  • Providing for Consideration of Senate Amendment to H.R. 3762, Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015

    by Representative Bob Gibbs

    Posted on 2016-01-06

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    GIBBS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to urge my colleagues to support this rule and final passage of H.R. 3762.

    Since I was first sworn in to the House, my top priority has been to repeal this disastrous healthcare law we call ObamaCare. Finally, today we have an opportunity to send to the President's desk legislation that repeals ObamaCare.

    Today we are going to end the individual mandate, stop the employer mandate, and repeal dozens of taxes and provisions that prevent people from actually getting affordable health coverage. I have always said we should incentivize health savings accounts, not tax them, and this bill repeals the tax on HSAs.

    It is obvious that ObamaCare has done nothing to reduce healthcare costs. I hear from many of the local business owners and constituents in my district every day about their struggle to comply with the law, let [[Page H46]] alone provide health coverage for their employees and their families.

    Manufacturers, construction companies, and retail store owners are facing dramatic increases to their administrative and healthcare costs. This leaves them in the dangerous position of ObamaCare driving them out of business by making those decisions.

    Since signing it into law, the President has delayed or repealed parts of ObamaCare for political reasons. This was a bad law to begin with because it is fundamentally unworkable and unaffordable. It is time to repeal it once and for all.

    I urge my colleagues to support this rule and support the passage of this bill.

    Mr. McGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    I would just say that this debate is astonishing to me. What is so controversial on the Republican side is that millions and millions more Americans have health care. I heard someone over there say that fewer people have health care. They can't produce any validators to support that statement. CBO and a whole bunch of other validators have actually said more people have health care.

    If they get their way, 22 million people will lose their health care. That is what this is about. This is about whether or not people in this country deserve health care or whether or not they don't, whether or not you think health care is a right or whether, as my Republican friends say, it is a privilege. We think it is a right.

    I yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman from Florida (Ms. Frankel).

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