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  • Providing for Consideration of H.R. 2130, Red River Private Property Protection Act, and Providing for Consideration of Motions to Suspend the Rules

    by Representative Doug Collins

    Posted on 2015-12-09

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    COLLINS of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I thank my friend from the State of Washington (Mr. Newhouse).

    Again, I want to emphasize with him, as I was down here listening to my friend, that this is regular order. And, frankly, the one thing I have learned in the Rules Committee, especially under this administration, is, it wouldn't be a Rules Committee party if we didn't get a letter from the administration saying, I am not going to sign it.

    I am not sure, many times, what they are for. Again, if we are just going to talk about issues today--we are talking about a piece of legislation that affects Americans. And it is amazing to me, every time I come down here to hear my colleagues actually talk about trivial pieces of legislation--if it affects the American public and it is something that affects American lives, then it is not trivial on the floor of this House.

    This bill is worth it. This Red River Private Property Protection Act, we are going to vote on the rule. It needs to be supported. The underlying bill is going to be debated. It came through regular order. These are the things that we need to be doing.

    But if we also want to talk about things that are going on in the world right now, I want to talk about the absolutely anemic response that we have seen in the world situation from the administration, especially when it comes to where terrorists are moving and growing and being unfettered while we stand by and watch. Especially now. In fact, for this, we have had a debate, and we are looking through it.

    Iran, you know, oops, here we go again; it is not just a song on the radio. Iran has decided that they are just going to flaunt what we have been saying for years.

    But this is the key thought of our administration on attacking and being at peace with the world. They just tested nuclear missiles again in violation of two U.N. directives, just did it. Where is the outrage? There is none.

    We want to hang dangly little things out here. And let's talk about this: The real terrorists in the world, who hate us just because we are free, are still unabated.

    It is time not to tell Congress, we will work with AUMF. But, Mr. President, it is time for you to actually give us a plan. It is time for you to stop passing the buck. It is time for the administration to give us an actual idea of how you want to address this, how you want to go about it.

    Iran says: I will make a deal with America, flaunt it whenever I want to. I will do whatever I need.

    We come to the floor. We debate things that matter to Americans. The majority understands that national security is projecting a strong national security. The majority is putting forth bills that actually work for people. The majority is looking today to work on a piece of legislation that affects real people's lives.

    We will continue to have debates with my friends across the aisle on a number of issues. But today, let's move forward. And let's also have a time to say, Mr. President, we are looking for direction. It is time to lead. Check in, or check out.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Young of Iowa). Members are reminded to address their remarks to the Chair.

    [[Page H9101]] Mr. McGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    If my colleagues on the other side of the aisle wanted to defend the record of this House in terms of regular order, they can have it at. It is laughable, the record. This is the most closed Congress in the history of the United States Congress. That is the record that they are proud of.

    We are here, again, trying to pressure the leadership of this House to let this House do what it is supposed to do: have the committees of jurisdiction report this bill to shut down this terrible loophole which is a potential danger to our citizens. Bring it to the floor. We can't get you to bring anything to the floor related to this issue.

    But to get up here and to somehow talk like my friends on the other side care about regular order or even are in the most minimal way committed to an open process here is laughable. Look at the record of this Congress.

    The Speaker and the previous Speaker all get up here and talk about their commitment to regular order. And then what do they do? They do the opposite time and time again.

    I read to you some of the bills that you brought up recently that have come to the floor not under regular order. We don't need lectures on regular order from my friends on the Republican side who, again, are presiding over the most closed Congress in the history of the United States of America.

    With that, I yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman from California (Mrs. Torres).

    Mrs. TORRES. Mr. Speaker, despite the increasing frequency with which mass shootings seem to happen in this country, we never expect it to happen in our community. But a week ago today, that is exactly what happened when tragedy hit home.

    I knew the Inland Regional Center well, represented the city of San Bernardino during my time in the State senate; and on this tragic day, five individuals who lived in cities that I represent were murdered.

    Far too many communities have felt the pain that the San Bernardino and Inland Empire community is facing right now. Far too many Americans have lost loved ones in similar acts of violence.

    Mr. Speaker, the loophole that allows suspects on terrorist watch lists to purchase a gun, to walk into a gun store and purchase a high caliber weapon, must be fixed.

    This is an urgent, commonsense, widely supported reform that we can make to reduce gun violence, but we haven't. We haven't been able to have a serious conversation about any of these issues.

    Those who want to support changes to our gun laws need to make their voices heard and say, enough is enough; check in, or check out.

    Before we gather for yet another moment of silence, I remind my colleagues that this House floor is for action, not inaction. Doing nothing is inexcusable. It is an insult to the lives lost on that tragic day.

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