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  • Providing for Consideration of H. Con. Res. 25, Concurrent Resolution
    on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

    by Representative Marcy Kaptur

    Posted on 2013-03-19

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    KAPTUR. I thank Ranking Member Slaughter for yielding me this time and rise in strong opposition to the rule and the underlying bill that essentially is the Ryan budget.

    I want to say to the prior speaker that the way you balance budgets is to put people back to work. This budget, the Ryan budget, will actually cause 750,000 more people to be added to the ranks of the unemployed. When you have 12 million people in our country who've been out of work for a long time or they can't find a decent-paying job, you can't balance budgets with that level of unemployment. This is an anti- growth budget.

    I want to focus my remarks, however, mainly on senior citizens and the impact of this budget on seniors. The Ryan budget turns a very cold heart to America's senior citizens. It ends the Medicare guarantee. It throws nearly 50 million Americans receiving earned health care benefits through Medicare to the cruel marketplace and rising health care prices. And it takes away the 10-year guarantee of Medicare's solvency that we passed in the Affordable Care Act. Forty-one million Americans over the age of 65 will be affected, as will 9 million disabled Americans receiving Social Security benefits. That's evidence of a cold heart.

    Now the poorest citizens in America are senior women over the age of 80 years. Over half of Medicare's beneficiaries earn annual incomes of less than $23,000. The Republican Ryan budget doesn't even see them.

    The Ryan budget hurts the poorest seniors by putting senior farmer's market nutrition coupons, for example, on the chopping block. To qualify for $50 to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, a senior has to earn less than $15,000 a year. Now, under that budget, 863,000 more seniors will be cut off of a fragile lifeline of coupons for better nutrition. Fifty dollars.

    The Ryan budget already cut a million meals for fragile seniors across this country. Now, the Ryan budget piles more harm on them.

    Meanwhile, Wall Street titans, who took our Nation to the brink, have earned record bonuses, millions and millions and millions of dollars. So it's $50 for seniors, or multibillions for those who have so much already. That's not even on the scale of justice.

    The Ryan budget will cause more illness among our seniors. Seniors will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for medicines they can't afford. It will eliminate free preventive screenings for seniors for cancer and diabetes. So America will yield more illness. The Ryan budget will eliminate free annual checkups for seniors who can't afford to pay for a checkup, and it'll stop free mammograms and prostate screenings for them. It's a cold-hearted budget for seniors.

    {time} 1320 The Ryan budget will hurt them. It is bad for Medicare. It is bad for seniors. It's bad for our country.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The time of the gentlewoman has expired.

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