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  • Providing for Consideration of H. Con. Res. 25, Concurrent Resolution
    on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

    by Representative Pete Sessions

    Posted on 2013-03-19

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    SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the gentleman from Georgia, who sits on the Rules Committee and who also sits on the Budget Committee and is doing an awesome job on behalf of this body and the people of Georgia.

    Today, the American people have a chance, really, to see firsthand the rolling out of what we call the Ryan budget. Paul Ryan, who is the chairman of our Budget Committee, once again leads, I believe, the intellectual thought process on talking about the future that we should have in this country. Certainly, the budget is that primer--that guiding post, that opportunity for us to lay out a philosophy about what Republicans stand for. Today, the American people are having a chance to hear from our colleagues, the Democrats.

    Of course, as you listen to our colleagues--our friends, the Democrats--talk, everything about a budget, if you're a Republican, is about harming the middle class, is about ruining the country, is about our heading in the wrong direction. That is because they've taken the simple approach. They will try and fund everything: they will try and fund hospitals; they will fund airports; they will fund schools. They will do all of these amazing things, but the facts of the case are that that process and that future do not work.

    Yesterday, Paul Ryan, before the Rules Committee, very carefully argued the point that really is embodied on this slide, which talks about a responsible way forward for this country, because, you see, we have the authority and the responsibility to make sure that what we do sustains our future: that it's something that creates not only more jobs but opportunities for the future of not just ourselves but of our children and our grandchildren.

    For 4 years, this House was led by Democrats, and you can see the laws that they passed and the amazing amount of spending that it would place upon our country. We don't even show in here individually where Social Security is as that will go bankrupt--Medicare, bankrupt; Medicaid, insolvent; our inability to be able to pay for our future by creating jobs today.

    The free enterprise system is exactly what Republicans support and believe in because that is the American Dream--not government spending and government jobs but, rather, a vibrant free enterprise system whereby there are employers who want to hire people to become employees, to have careers, to then make this country better and stronger. The way you do that is by lowering government spending, by having a public-private partnership, not by having the Federal Government be responsible for everything from a one- [[Page H1584]] size-fits-all health care industry to the government control of every part of our lives.

    So, yesterday, Paul Ryan--very effectively, I believe--came before the House Rules Committee and talked about a vision forward. What's very interesting is that everybody else talked about let's just stick it to the rich. Let's raise taxes trillions of dollars. Let's go and stick it to special interests, like people who provide gasoline at the pump, and raise taxes on oil companies. Well, ladies and gentlemen, every time you raise taxes, you raise prices, and every time you raise prices, the consumer has to pay more for it. These are the ideas that make America less able to be prepared for its future and that cost more money.

    That's why, when you look at this slide, you see where the laws already enacted by the Democrats are leading America to where we will be functionally bankrupt. We are following the European model--exactly what they have done over there for a number of years--and now we are seeing firsthand Iceland, Greece and, just yesterday, Cyprus. This is the pathway down which our friends, the Democrats, if they get their say, will lead us.

    Republicans, through Paul Ryan, spoke about we want to make sure that Medicare, that Social Security, that the free enterprise system are alive and well by making these plans and the process therein ready for the employers and the workers of tomorrow. That is what we are talking about. We are talking about reforms that will ensure the things that the American people want and need--and, yes, even at the National Institutes of Health so that they will be prepared for our future.

    Mr. Speaker, this is what we're talking about today. I can't wait until Paul Ryan and the Republicans engage Democrats on the floor with facts and figures. This is a primer to what we'll see.

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