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  • President Obama’s Executive Overreach on Guns

    by Representative Brian Babin

    Posted on 2016-01-05

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    BABIN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. BABIN. Mr. Speaker, President Obama is up to it again with his pen and phone. This time he is undermining the Second Amendment rights of American citizens through executive order.

    President Obama's disdain for gun owners has been clear from the beginning. This is another sad chapter in his Presidency. It is a shame the President would exploit the latest act of terrorism in this manner.

    The murders of Americans in San Bernardino were due to a radical Islamic ideology, an ideology that this President will not even acknowledge, though these people have declared war upon us, and nothing this President is doing through his unilateral action will address that. It will only serve to hurt law-abiding American citizens. President Obama is shooting at the wrong target.

    We are a constitutional republic. The President cannot simply bypass Congress when his ill-advised initiatives are rejected. The President should join Congress in focusing on the growing threat of terrorism rather than making it easier to disarm law-abiding American citizens. We should do all in our power to stop this unconstitutional executive action and overreach.


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