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  • President Obama’s Executive Action on the Second Amendment

    by Representative Mike Bost

    Posted on 2016-01-07

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    BOST. Mr. Speaker, earlier this week the President took aim at our Second Amendment rights.

    We know his purpose was to restrict the constitutional right of law- abiding citizens. It will undermine our personal privacy rights. It will make it to where due process is taken away from many of our citizens, but it won't stop criminals from carrying firearms. As a father and as a grandfather, my heart is broken over the many tragedies and attacks that have occurred around this Nation, but this won't cure the problem.

    In this Congress, we must fight for the rights of our Constitution. We must also use the courts to fight for those rights. We must do more.

    Mr. Speaker, not only I, but you and every Member of this Congress, took an oath of office when we took these positions. We took that oath, and it was to uphold and to defend the Constitution, all of the Constitution, not just the First Amendment, but the Second Amendment as well and every part thereof.

    When I took that oath, I took it very, very seriously. I am doing my part. I am upholding the oath that I took. I believe the President should uphold his.


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