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  • Paying Tribute to the Honorable Howard Coble

    by Representative David E. Price

    Posted on 2014-11-12

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    PRICE of North Carolina. Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague for yielding and for scheduling this Special Order here on our first night back in town for the very important purpose of paying tribute to our dear friend and colleague, Howard Coble. I am very happy to join in this, as many other colleagues will be tonight as well.

    I have served with Howard since I first arrived here in 1987. He had beaten me by 2 years. He was first elected in 1984 to represent North Carolina's Sixth District.

    I think when you hear the tributes tonight from both sides of the aisle you are going to, quite accurately, conclude that Howard Coble is one of the best-liked Members of this body, and that affection extends across the entire political spectrum.

    Howard is always ready with a kind word for everyone, from fellow Representatives to Capitol Police and constituents. It is difficult to walk anywhere with Howard in Washington, D.C., or in North Carolina without being stopped several times because he has so many friends who just want to catch up with him.

    I have always especially enjoyed introducing my staff to Howard. His first question usually is: ``What high school did you go to?'' And then the second question is something like: ``What's it like working for this scallywag?'' We've sometimes disagreed, of course, on politics and policy, but we have had many, many occasions for fruitful collaboration and cooperation on issues important to North Carolina. We have worked for years, for example, on promoting textile research. We have certainly worked on disaster relief after several major hurricanes. Over the years, I have come to appreciate Howard as a smart and able legislator, and, more than that, I have come to value him as a person and to value his friendship.

    My district staff would want me to add how much we all admire Howard's constituent service. When it comes to working with our constituents in dealing with Federal agencies, party lines don't matter. Often, the district lines are a little indistinct and we have to figure out whose district someone is in or get a case referred back and forth. Howard's staff is invariably cooperative and competent. It is not an accident that he has a superb reputation in North Carolina for the best constituent service around.

    Howard has been a dedicated Member in this body in Washington as well. He has been an effective legislator, especially distinguishing himself in his leadership positions on the Judiciary Committee. He has done all this with a certain grace and style. He reminds us of a time when our politics were less hard-edged.

    So as he retires at the close of the current Congress, we wish him all the best. He leaves this body with immense affection and respect. Our State and the House of Representatives have greatly benefited from the service of Howard Coble.

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