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  • Patriotic Glue

    by Representative Emanuel Cleaver

    Posted on 2013-01-01

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    CLEAVER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. CLEAVER. Mr. Speaker, I don't particularly like the bill that is going to come to the floor, but I am going to vote for it. And the reason is, stumbling through one of those Dollar General stores looking for some last minute gifts, I stumbled across a section that had Gorilla Glue and Magic Stick'em Glue, and I thought, Boy, if I can get some of this stuff, first I would glue the top of the kitchen trash can so my wife's puppy won't continue to go in it. And then I thought, well, I'll use some of this glue to impress people that I can actually fix things. Then I thought, maybe I can do it when I'm performing marriages: instead of saying ``until death do us part,'' say ``until the glue wears out.'' Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if we could glue ourselves to each other across the aisle. I mean, after all, it is only if we are sticking together that we're going to be able to address the problems that face this country.

    The truth of the matter is we already have some glue. One Nation under God--patriotic glue. We're supposed to work together, to stick together. Without us coming to the point where we really understand ``E pluribus unum''--out of many, one--this body, for the lack of glue, will not do the business of this country.


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