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  • Paris Climate Change Conference

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2015-11-30

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    REID. Madam President, as we speak, in faraway Paris, France, 194 countries are gathering to negotiate an international agreement to address climate change. Fortunately for the world, President Obama is committed to doing something about that climate change.

    I send all my appreciation, my accolades to the French people for going ahead with this extremely important conference and not letting those terrible acts that occurred stop them from doing so. Because of President Obama's leadership, the United States is taking on a more prominent role in rolling back dangerous carbon emissions, not only from our country but from China, India, Brazil, and other major sources of climate-changing pollution.

    Before the conference in Paris even started, more than 170 countries representing over 90 percent of global carbon emissions made concrete pledges to reduce carbon pollution. Climate change is among the most serious problems we face today. What does the Pentagon say? What do all the security agencies say is the most serious problem facing America today? Climate change. We are beginning to endure the devastating consequences of rising sea levels, extreme weather, and drought across America and all over the world.

    No country acting alone can halt climate change, but through American leadership and international cooperation, we can protect our air and climate for our children and their children. I commend President Obama for his work domestically and internationally to address this issue.


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