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  • Our Country Needs a Balanced Path Forward

    by Representative Ben Ray Luján

    Posted on 2013-03-13

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    LUJAN of New Mexico. Mr. Speaker, the House Republican budget unveiled yesterday by Chairman Paul Ryan is a repeat of the same Tea Party principles that have already been rejected by the American people.

    House Republicans are once again determined to place the burden of deficit reduction on the backs of middle class families, while the wealthiest Americans get yet another tax break. After wasting valuable time last Congress voting more than 30 times to repeal health care reform rather than focus on jobs and the economy, the Republican budget again calls for its repeal.

    In addition, their budget ends Medicare as we know it, and surprise, surprise, turns it into a voucher program that reduces benefits and leaves seniors paying higher out-of-pocket costs.

    While this budget blueprint is still lacking specific details, it is clear that in order to meet the spending targets it outlines, House Republicans would slash investments in key areas that are essential to economic growth and job creation. Education, job training, science, and research will all be on the chopping block in order to reduce the deficit, with little regard for the jobs that would be lost and the impact it would have on our Nation's competitiveness. The Republican budget factors in the sequestration's arbitrary cuts over the next decade, something else that is being rejected by the American people.

    For New Mexico, this can mean more cuts to education targeted at low- income and special needs children; painful cuts to tribal communities that jeopardize our responsibilities to Indian country with our trust responsibilities; and cuts that impact funding for Los Alamos National Lab and the small businesses that contract with it, including cuts to important funding for environmental cleanup at LANL.

    Regardless of the Republican rhetoric, the math just doesn't add up without steep cuts that will take their toll on New Mexico, threatening services that support the most vulnerable and investments that lay the foundation for a brighter future.

    Our country needs a balanced path forward that focuses on growing the economy and providing opportunities for the middle class families. Sadly, the Republican budget fails to meet this goal.

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