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  • Opposing Rapprochement With Cuba

    by Representative Dana Rohrabacher

    Posted on 2015-01-12

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    ROHRABACHER. Thank you very much.

    America is about to send a message to the world exactly on whose side are we on, and I am very proud to stand here with my colleagues, standing on the side of liberty, of justice, of treating people decently, of government that serves the people rather than a systematic government that requires the people to serve them, the bureaucracy, the tyrants that hold power.

    That is what this is all about. Let's get an understanding of who this Castro gang is. Castro murdered the freedom fighters who overthrew the dictatorial government of Batista back in the 1950s.

    Castro, himself, took people out who had fought against the dictatorship of Batista and shot them in the head. These were people that risked their lives to bring democracy to Cuba, and this man co- opted their revolution.

    He has allied himself, over the years, with gangsters and tyrants throughout the world. He has had a safe haven for the drug dealers of Latin America, who look to him as the moderator of any disputes between these monstrous gangsters who murder each other and murder anyone who gets in their way.

    He has allied with these drug dealers. But also, during the cold war he was allied to the hilt to the communist movement throughout the world. He wanted his country to become a nuclear base to attack and drop nuclear bombs on the people of the United States.

    Let's not forget that. This is the man who wanted to kill Americans by the millions. For us now, oh, well, that is history; let bygones be bygones.

    Are you kidding me? This is the guy that we need to send a message to. When people have that much hatred of the United States, undermine the freedom of the people in of the world, we are not just going to sit aside and forgive him of these things.

    Oh, by the way, he is not even asking for forgiveness. The Castro regime is just saying, accept us as we are, a country that has had more political prisoners than almost any other country of this hemisphere, and we are just going to accept them as they are.

    Well, remember, when people were struggling during the cold war against communism, Castro was on the wrong side. During the cold war, he was the one who wanted to kill Americans by the millions by having Soviet missiles in his country.

    Finally, what does this agreement that this administration--what will be the effect of it? Oh, yeah, they say, we have been told, well, if you just have free trade people are going to get better. There is going to be liberalism.

    I call this the ``hug a Nazi, make a liberal'' theory. The fact is that Fidel Castro, just like the Chinese Communists, I might add, no matter how much trade we have, they will manipulate it so that the clique that is in power, the clique that has been able to monstrously oppress their own people, take that wealth, manipulate that wealth that is coming into the country to cement their own power.

    It is very clear what this man has and his clique have in mind, and that is continuing their oppression of the Cuban people.

    Let's not be partners to that. Let us again, stand for liberty, stand for justice.

    The Soviet Union has fallen. It is time for Castro and communism in Cuba to fall as well.

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