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  • Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Expansion and Modernization Act

    by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee

    Posted on 2016-05-11

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    JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 4981 the ``Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Expansion and Modernization Act''.

    This bill highlights the abuse of opioids that has become a public health epidemic.

    Opioids are drugs with effects similar to opium, such as heroin and certain pain medications.

    H.R. 4981 would encourage and train health care providers to prescribe overdose reversal drugs, such as Naloxone, when they prescribe common opioids-like pain medication to patients at risk of addiction.

    The plague of opioid overdose deaths across the nation is disturbing, but there are ways to combat this trend.

    Any party receiving treatment assessments under this legislation will be privy to the following.

    1. A treatment plan and periodic assessments.

    2. Will also be subject to medication adherence and substance use monitoring.

    3. Treatment options, including all drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of opioid use disorder, including their potential risks and benefits.

    4. Receiving regular counseling services is critical to recovery.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 259 million opioid prescriptions were written in 2012, more than enough for every adult in the United States.

    Enacting this legislation will implement a diversion control plan that contains specific measures to reduce the likelihood of the diversion of controlled substances prescribed by the physician for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

    In 2013 nearly 4.5 million people in the United States without a valid medical need were using prescription painkillers.

    Both states and the federal government have begun responding to this growing public health crisis.

    The Obama administration has awarded $94 million to community health centers to improve and expand the delivery of substance abuse services.

    Mr. Speaker, the mounting number of people adversely affected and the over 25,000 lives lost expressly demonstrates the need for this type of legislation.

    H.R. 4981 is a positive step in the right direction and I urge all members to support this important legislation.

    [[Page H2280]] The SPEAKER pro tempore. The question is on the motion offered by the gentleman from Kentucky (Mr. Guthrie) that the House suspend the rules and pass the bill, H.R. 4981, as amended.

    The question was taken; and (two-thirds being in the affirmative) the rules were suspended and the bill, as amended, was passed.

    A motion to reconsider was laid on the table.


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