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  • On the Occasion of Reverend Doctor Michael C.R. Nabor’s Fifteenth Pastoral Anniversary at New Calvary Baptist Church of Detroit

    by Senator Gary Peters

    Posted on 2013-03-15

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    PETERS of michigan in the house of representatives Friday, March 15, 2013 Mr. PETERS of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I am honored to rise today to recognize my friend, Dr. Michael C.R. Nabors as he and his congregation of New Calvary Baptist Church of Detroit celebrate his Fifteenth Pastoral Anniversary.

    Dr. Nabors has a distinguished and extensive record of leadership in the communities he has served over several decades as a spiritual minister. His work began more than 30 years ago when he joined Galilee Missionary Baptist Church as its Youth Minister. In that position, he worked with the youth of the congregation to provide guidance at a pivotal point in their development. Dr. Nabors then served as a senior leader to two congregations in New Jersey before coming to Detroit and New Calvary in 1998.

    Throughout his career, Dr. Nabors has employed a philosophy of leadership by example in all facets of his life. As a believer in the teachings of Christ, he has sought to be an active participant in shaping a more just and fair society. In his professional work, as a case worker for The Children's Home Society in New Jersey, Dr. Nabors sought to guide youth in the development of their leadership skills and then find employment after they graduated. He then went on to serve as Executive Director for the Joint Commission on Civil Rights in Princeton, New Jersey, where he played a central role, developing programs that fostered sensitivity and understanding between residents of a diverse community.

    When he came to Detroit to lead the congregation of New Calvary, Dr. Nabors brought with him the same passion and zeal for strengthening his new community that he displayed earlier in his career. While serving as Senior Pastor of New Calvary, he has overseen the spiritual needs of his 600-member [[Page E308]] congregation and has held true to his vision of equality by hiring the congregation's first female assistant pastor and licensing its first female ministers. He worked with members to establish ministries that helped them explore arts, provide basic human necessities for the community and support people in times of grief. In his professional work, he has continued to hold true to his faith through his service as an educator to future spiritual leaders, instilling in them the value of actively engaging the community in the pursuit of justice and equality.

    The pursuits of his spiritual and professional work in Southeast Michigan have been mirrored in his volunteer work with the residents of the Greater Detroit region. In his position on the boards of Gateway Community Health and Gateway-Detroit East, Inc., Dr. Nabors has endeavored to build better mental healthcare and substance abuse services that empower the residents of the community. He also serves on the advisory board for United Voices for Michigan's Children, which serves as the State's largest non-profit advocate for youth. As a past advisory board member for The Skillman Foundation, Dr. Nabors has also continued to support the development of youth in the establishment of the ``Call to Service'' outreach program that created academic mentoring opportunities.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me today in recognition of Dr. Michael C.R. Nabors' great milestone in his service to the congregation of New Calvary Baptist Church and the people of Greater Detroit. His commitment to be a leader of his peers, a staunch advocate for our youth and a crusader for social justice values are a testament to his faith. I know his work has touched many lives and strengthened the fabric of the entire Southeast Michigan region. I congratulate Dr. Nabors on his fifteen years as Senior Pastor and look forward to working with him in our shared endeavor to create a more just and vibrant community.


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