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  • Obamacare

    by Representative Steve Chabot

    Posted on 2013-11-14

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    CHABOT asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. CHABOT. Mr. Speaker, the Americans we are discussing today did nothing wrong. They purchased insurance before any Federal mandate ordered them to. Now they are losing their insurance.

    Katie Rupert is a constituent of mine. At 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a sickness that later spread to her brain. She started radiation and travels to Houston to see her oncology specialist. Today, she is a Stage IV cancer survivor and doing well, but she knows that this will not last forever.

    Katie had good coverage through her husband's workplace but is losing it because of ObamaCare. What is worse, she has been told that her doctors are not covered by her options on the ObamaCare exchanges. She is a wife, a mother, an inspiration, and now she is another example of this law's collateral damage. That is the impact of ObamaCare.

    We can do better. We have to do better. We owe Katie and others like her at least that much.


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