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    by Representative Doug LaMalfa

    Posted on 2013-09-27

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    LaMALFA. I greatly appreciate the gentlelady from Minnesota for her efforts here and for the great lady she is.

    Mr. Speaker, again, here we are, discussing an issue where this has taken away choices from the American people.

    Now, as promised, we saw the President himself say, if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away.

    One of my colleagues on this floor yesterday, counter to that, said how he had had his plan canceled as of the end of this year. People all over this country are now starting to get cancellations on their health care insurance plan that they've chosen with their families, around their kitchen table, probably agonized over how they're deciding to afford it, what level of deductible, what kind of coverage they're going to have. And that's being swept away by what really feels, to a lot of people--a lot of my constituents are telling me it feels like a very oppressive plan that's being pushed upon them.

    It's really unbelievable in the United States of America that you can be forced into being a part of this system. It blows my mind that the Supreme Court would agree and rule that people should be forced into purchasing something of this personal choice.

    We talked a little bit earlier about how people's privacy is going to be so greatly affected by all this information being dumped into a pool, and government bureaucrats are going to be in charge of that. Look at the leaks we've already seen with other people's information being leaked out by the NSA, or things accidentally put on the Internet by who knows all the different agencies involved.

    Yet, this is going to manage one-seventh of our economy, and a very important, very personal thing with people's health and their family's health care. I really, really shudder to think--if this measure cannot be slowed down or stopped by the efforts we're doing in the House and in the next few days around here, it's going to be devastating to people's personal choices, to the economy, to their jobs.

    Look at the part-time jobs that are being made out of full-time jobs because people have to react. There are true costs to what the Obama health care takeover is going to do to the people of this country, their families, their livelihood.

    So that's why we dig in so hard to do this. This isn't politics for us. No, it isn't. It's about doing the right thing for the American people. A document that really was not well-read or well-vetted, done here just about three or four short years ago here, now is coming home to roost, in its ineptness, in its incompleteness and the overall oppression it's causing for Americans who are feeling that they're out of choices.

    In my own home area, for example, people had up to approximately 130 different choices of health care plans through 8 to 10 different providers. They will be limited to two in my part of northern California, with maybe 8 to 10 total plans that they can choose from.

    And the way this is rolling out right now, you might get only one plan if you're in certain sectors for perhaps a full year. How is this improving anything? [[Page H5905]] How is this making health care more affordable, more options, more anything? We've got to repeal this. But, in the meantime, at the very least, we ask our colleagues in the Senate to not strip out the provision we put in place that would allow for a 1-year delay, which is the least we would need, as a country, to see something made better than what it is right now.

    Exemptions, one after the other, are being dropped on us. And why do people that work in the public sector want exemptions if this is such a great plan? Pretty soon there'll be nobody left in it except for the taxpayers themselves.

    So I thank you for the time. I thank my colleague, Mrs. Bachmann, for allowing this time here today. And let's do the right thing here the next few days in this Congress.

    Mrs. BACHMANN. Thank you, Representative LaMalfa, for all of your hard work on defunding and delaying ObamaCare.

    We have next with us Mr. Culberson from Texas' Seventh Congressional District, who has been tireless, especially in the area of keeping government fully funded.

    I yield to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Culberson).

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