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  • Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013

    by Representative John Garamendi

    Posted on 2013-09-19

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    GARAMENDI asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. GARAMENDI. Thank you for the opportunity to speak here.

    Mr. Speaker, if this were only about work reforms, that would be something, but it's far, far more. These are devastating cuts. Hunger is real. In my northern counties, the counties along the Sacramento River--Sutter, Glenn, Colusa, and Yuba--20 percent of the citizens are hungry. They need food. This bill would dramatically affect that.

    My daughter is a teacher. She has a community garden. She went to find a kid from her kindergarten class who wasn't getting on the bus. He was hidden underneath the cucumbers in the garden, stuffing his pockets full of tomatoes and cucumbers, so that on the weekend he would have food for himself and his brother.

    Hunger is real--it's real in every one of our districts--and this particular bill devastates the food programs for seniors, for working men and women, and for those who desperately need help.

    I oppose the bill. I would ask for compassion from our colleagues on the Republican side and to put this bill down and get on with decent legislation.

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