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  • Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013

    by Representative Emanuel Cleaver

    Posted on 2013-09-19

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    CLEAVER. Mr. Speaker, I have only 1 minute, but I would imagine 1 minute is sufficient to plead with my colleagues to pay attention to the facts.

    The U.S. economy has not healed. We are still struggling with $7.25 an hour for minimum wage. And if you make $7.25 working all day, every day, you're going to make slightly over $15,000 a year; and you get approximately $4.50 a day to eat on, $4.50.

    I think that there is a right thing that we all can do. We ought to join forces to do the right thing; and the right thing is not to approve this bill, to back away from it. I mean, we are a rich Nation that really is having economic problems. We can deal with our poor. Everybody in this country ought to have equal access to food.

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