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  • Nonexistent Republican Budget

    by Representative Marcy Kaptur

    Posted on 2013-12-04

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    KAPTUR. So, here is a ``Jeopardy'' question for you, Mr. Speaker: How many days is the Republican majority now overdue in getting its work done to produce a budget for the Nation for 2014? Our Nation needs a budget to operate the Government of the United States for the upcoming year, and by law, April 15 was the deadline by which the budget was to have been completed, but that hasn't happened. Now it is December 4, so that means that their bill is 234 days overdue. In fact, technically, the Federal fiscal year began on October 1. The majority's bill is actually 7 months and 20 days overdue. A parking ticket that old might land you in jail. Not making your car payments for 7 months might likely result in your car's being repossessed, right? The Budget Committee is supposed to finish its one bill by April 15, but it just can't seem to find a way to do it.

    Then, if it were to have done that, the Appropriations Committee, which depends on the Budget Committee for a total budget number, could get its work done to produce not just the one but the 12 bills it is mandated to move through to passage to run the Federal departments of the Government of the United States of America--everything from the Forest Service, to the veterans' clinics, to the Social Security Administration, department after department.

    The American people are waiting for this House, led by the Republican majority, to get the job done of producing the 2014 budget. America doesn't need any more beauty pictures of committee chairs prancing and posturing in front of cameras. They need to go into the committee rooms and get the work done. The majority is 234 days overdue. Tomorrow, it will be 235 days overdue.

    My goodness. There are only 26 days left in this calendar year. Even Santa Claus must be shaking his head in disbelief. Talk about running the ship of state aground. Let the majority produce the budget bill. It is way over time.

    Don't hold up our Republic anymore. You are 234 days overdue, and we are all counting.


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