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  • Nomination of Sarah R. Saldana to Be an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security—Continued

    by Senator Michael B. Enzi

    Posted on 2014-12-16

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    ENZI. Madam President, I wish to express my opposition to the nomination of Sarah Saldana to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.

    My concerns are not based on Ms. Saldana's qualifications. In fact I supported reporting her out of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on November 12, 2014 with every other member of that committee. However, in the wake of the President's unilateral changes to our immigration policies through Executive actions, I cannot support her confirmation at this time.

    The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is responsible for enforcing Federal laws governing border control, customs, trade and immigration. But last month President Obama announced that he and his Cabinet do not intend to deport several million illegal immigrants, and I cannot vote for someone who will not enforce our laws.

    By circumventing Congress on immigration and instituting his will through Executive actions last month, President Obama is eroding the very foundation of our country and form of government. This sets a dangerous precedent where future Presidents can flout any law they happen to disagree with and alter the law without going through Congress. Each branch of government is to act as a check against the others and not sit idly by as one exercises authority it does not have.

    For these reasons I must oppose Ms. Saldana's nomination at this time.

    Under the previous order, all postcloture time has expired. The question occurs on the nomination.

    The question is, Will the Senate advise and consent to the nomination of Sarah R. Saldana, of Texas, to be an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security? Mr. WICKER. I ask for the yeas and nays.

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