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    Nomination of Heather Anne Higginbottom to Be Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

    by Former Senator Mike Johanns

    Posted on 2013-12-11

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    JOHANNS. Madam President, I will start by thanking my colleagues from Indiana and Kansas for their discussion on this very important issue. I say this somewhat facetiously, but I have been reading the stories about the rollout of ObamaCare just like the rest of us have. What an incredible embarrassment. If there is a State out there that epitomizes the embarrassment of all embarrassments, it is the State of Oregon. Recently, they had not signed up a single person through their exchange--not one. Not a single person in Oregon could get through that. That is notwithstanding that the Democratic Governor supported it, embraced it, notwithstanding that the U.S. Senators in this body supported it, embraced it. They could not find a single person.

    Well, I just read an article; I think it was this morning. I was catching up on some reading. Somehow, some way, they went out there and they found 44 people in Oregon who have signed up successfully. After all of these weeks since this rollout occurred, they probably went door-to-door in Oregon and found 44 people who they believe have signed up successfully. We will see whether they actually have insurance.

    Well, maybe we could offer this for that poor State: Maybe we could offer that if they signed up successfully, they get a picture with their Governor and their U.S. Senators--their own individual picture. Madam President, 44 people would not be too many to get through in a picture line. They probably have fundraisers that are twice that big or three times that big, where they do pictures with everybody. I think those persistent citizens of the great State of Oregon deserve something more than just a mention that they are 1 of 44 in some newspaper somewhere, that they successfully navigated the site. I would offer that I think they need a picture.

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