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  • Nomination of Douglas L. Rayes to Be United States District Judge for the District of Arizona--Continued

    A picture of Senator Rob Portman

    Senator Rob Portman

    From: OH

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2014-05-15

    PORTMAN. Madam President, we yield back all time. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, all time is yielded back. The question occurs on the nomination. Mr. PORTMAN. I ask for the yeas and nays. ...

    A picture of Senator Richard J. Durbin

    Senator Richard J. Durbin

    From: IL

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2014-05-15

    DURBIN. I announce that the Senator from West Virginia (Mr. Manchin) and the Senator from West Virginia (Mr. Rockefeller) are necessarily absent. Mr. CORNYN. The following Senators are necessarily...

    A picture of Senator John Cornyn

    Senator John Cornyn

    From: TX

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2014-05-15

    CORNYN. The following Senators are necessarily absent: the Senator from Arkansas (Mr. Boozman) and the Senator from Georgia (Mr. Isakson). The PRESIDING OFFICER. Are there any other Senators in the...