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  • No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013

    by Representative Todd C. Young

    Posted on 2013-01-23

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    YOUNG of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, as I travel in my south central Indiana district, I hear frequently two simple requests from my constituents. First, they want us to get our spending and our debt under control. And, second, they want us to work together, collectively, Republicans and Democrats, to get that important job done. That's why I support this proposed legislation, H.R. 325.

    The bill strikes me as eminently reasonable because it not only satisfies those simple requests; it asks us to do our job. We are required under law, as has been said before, to pass a budget. The House is required to do it, and the Senate is required to do it. The Senate has not done it for 4 years.

    Now, a budget is essentially spending priorities. It lays out your vision for the future. Whatever solutions you may or may not have are revealed in a budget. It's not easy to put together a budget. Sometimes it's unpopular, but it is our duty.

    So I say no budget, no pay. I'm tired of the Senate being dilatory in its responsibilities. They need to pass a budget. That's why I urge my colleagues to support this legislation.

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