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  • No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013

    by Representative David G. Reichert

    Posted on 2013-01-23

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    REICHERT. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman.

    Let me just see if I can simplify this just a little bit.

    There are three branches of government. Two branches of the government have responsibility for the budget, and there are three pieces to those two branches. The White House is one--the administration needs to produce a budget; the House Republicans need to produce a budget; and the Senate Democrats need to produce a budget for the system to work.

    Even though we may not agree with it on this side of the aisle, the President has produced his budget. It's increased our deficit from $11.4- to $16.4 trillion or $16.5 trillion. And some people at home may not really grasp the concept of $16 trillion. Let's just talk about $1 trillion. If we spent a dollar a second, Mr. Speaker, how long would it take us to spend that $1 trillion? It would take 36,000 years. We are 16 of those in debt. It's time for the Senate to do their job.

    Even though Admiral Mullen has said our greatest national security threat is our deficit, and even though the Senate has raised their right hand and took an oath to protect and defend this great Nation of ours and defend the Constitution, they still have not acted. They still have not done their job to protect and defend, to uphold the oath that they took. Again, Admiral Mullen has said--and I repeat--that national security is at great risk because of our $16 trillion deficit.

    Look, you own a home and you have a $50,000-a-year job and you're making your payments on a car and a house and you're thinking things are going just fine, but I want to add to that. I'm going to buy a new big screen TV, I'm going to put a pool table in, I'm going to buy two more cars, I'm going to put a pool in the back, I'm just going to fix the place up. All the sudden you realize, I can't pay for it.

    You have some options available. You have to raise revenue. You go out and get two or three more jobs maybe, or your wife goes to work or your kids have to go to work. And that still doesn't meet your responsibilities. Then you have to stop spending, right? Stop spending.

    The only other option now is to get rid of some of the stuff you can't pay for because even though you might have stopped spending and you've taken another job and you've raised some revenue, now you've got to get rid of stuff.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The time of the gentleman has expired.

    Mr. CAMP. I yield an additional 15 seconds to the gentleman from Washington.

    Mr. REICHERT. Let's get rid of the pool table, let's get rid of the big screen TV. We've got to start cutting things. We need to stop spending in this country. The Senate needs to do their job.

    No budget, no pay.

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