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  • Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center and Hugh L. Dryden Aeronautical Test Range Designation Act

    by Representative Jim Jordan

    Posted on 2013-02-25

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    JORDAN of ohio in the house of representatives Monday, February 25, 2013 Mr. JORDAN. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my colleagues for their strong vote last night in support of H.R. 667, which would designate NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base as the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center. I thank the gentleman from California, Mr. McCarthy, for allowing me to be an original cosponsor of this legislation.

    Forty-four years ago this July, Commander Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 crewmates achieved something once thought impossible: successfully landing on the moon and returning safely to the earth. They succeeded despite the many dangers they faced and the countless things that could have gone wrong during their pioneering mission.

    I am especially honored to represent Neil Armstrong's birthplace: Wapakoneta, Ohio, which takes great pride in being home to the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum. The museum has on display various artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission and other articles from Armstrong's long and storied career.

    As a test pilot, Armstrong spent seven years at the facility that will soon bear his name. Then called the High-Speed Flight Station, it was a key site for the foundational work done by NASA's predecessor agency, the National Advisory Council on Aeronautics, NACA. Armstrong logged 2,400 hours of flight time there, piloting the X-15 rocket- powered plane and other cutting-edge prototypes. He was also part of the team that designed and tested early mockups of a lunar landing vehicle.

    Mr. Speaker, this legislation also renames the Western Aeronautical Test Range at Edwards after Hugh L. Dryden, a good friend of Neil Armstrong who served as NACA director from 1947 to 1958. Upon the creation of NASA in 1958, Dryden was named deputy director. While he did not live to see Armstrong's moon landing, his many contributions in the field of aerodynamics helped make the Apollo missions possible. I am pleased that his career will continue to be celebrated through this legislation.

    Neil Armstrong's many achievements in space exploration renewed America's sense of hope for the future. His work at the Dryden Center set the foundation for every NASA mission that followed. He sought no honors during his lifetime and was rich in giving credit to others, never failing to recognize the contributions of the engineers and technicians who helped make his moon landing possible. I was proud to join my colleagues last night in honoring this American hero and son of Ohio.


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