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  • Native American Veterans’ Memorial Amendments Act of 2013

    by Senator Steve Daines

    Posted on 2013-12-11

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    DAINES. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank Congressman Mullin for the work he has done in leading this important bill and bringing it to the floor, as well as the bipartisan support from my distinguished friend and Member from Arizona (Mr. Grijalva), as we are bringing something together here that is bipartisan in nature for a very important reason.

    Montana is the proud home of seven federally recognized tribes, along with the State-recognized tribe the Little Shell. Montana's tribes not only represent an important part of Montana's history and our heritage, in fact, more than 2,500 Montana tribal members are veterans who serve as true examples of service, of bravery, of patriotism.

    Last month, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet with some of those Montana veterans, their families, and other tribal members in Washington, D.C., for a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony honoring the Native American code talkers who served in both World Wars. In fact, it was a special moment.

    I brought several of those members of the Crow Tribe, descendants of these Crow code talkers, to the House floor for a tour after Congress had adjourned. And here we were, in this great Chamber, as these members of the Crow Tribe presented a blessing in their native language that was helpful in allowing us to win the World Wars.

    This recognition was long overdue and well-deserved for these brave and selfless men and women. I think it is important that all of our Native American veterans receive the honor they deserve.

    This bill would help a memorial commemorating our Native American veterans to be constructed on the National American Indian Museum grounds here in Washington, D.C. This memorial will serve as an important symbol of gratitude for the thousands of native men and women who have fought to keep us free.

    I hope all Members will join me today in supporting this effort to show our Native American veterans the appreciation and honor that is most deserved.

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