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  • Mrs. Dingell and Mr. Polis Changed Their Vote from ``Yea'' To ``Nay.'' So the Previous Question Was Ordered.

    A picture of Representative Ann Wagner

    Representative Ann Wagner

    From: MO District 2

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2015-07-15

    WAGNER. Mr. Speaker, on rollcall No. 438, I was unavoidably detained by media. Had I been present, I would have voted ``yes.'' The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Yoder). The question is on the resolution. ...

    A picture of Representative Alcee L. Hastings

    Representative Alcee L. Hastings

    From: FL District 20

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2015-07-15

    HASTINGS. Mr. Speaker, I demand a recorded vote. A recorded vote was ordered. The SPEAKER pro tempore. This will be a 5-minute vote. The vote was taken by electronic device, and there were--ayes...