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  • Making Further Continuing Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2014

    by Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

    Posted on 2014-01-15

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    MIKULSKI. Madam President, what is the pending business before the Senate? The PRESIDING OFFICER. H.J. Res. 106 is the business pending before the Senate.

    Ms. MIKULSKI. Which is? The PRESIDING OFFICER. The short-term CR.

    Ms. MIKULSKI. Madam President, I rise in support. This is a simple short-term extension of the continuing funding resolution we passed some weeks ago. This is Washington-speak and budget-speak for saying, as of today, the money that keeps the Federal Government in operation expires. However, being debated in the House this afternoon we have a consolidated appropriations bill which will fund the government through fiscal year 2014 and will come to the Senate either late this evening or will be on the floor tomorrow morning.

    I ask the Senate to pass the short-term extension because it is a technical situation. This isn't the usual delay, drama, and fiscal cliff situation. When the Budget Committee acted, and we passed the bill on a bipartisan, bicameral basis, we, the Appropriations Committee, were given a very stringent deadline of January 15 to produce an appropriations bill for fiscal year 2014. We have worked all the way through the holidays and all the way up to Sunday evening, and we have completed our work. It is now before the Senate and the House to be reviewed. It is on our Web site and so on. We just need a couple of hours to complete the job now.

    I can assure my colleagues this very short extension is status quo. It makes no changes in funding levels. It makes no changes in conditions for the operation of the government. The Appropriations Committee worked over the holidays. The agreement was made public on Monday. The House will vote on the agreement this afternoon. As soon as the House completes its work, it will come to the Senate.

    This is a short-term CR. It is for 72 hours. It will provide the time needed for the Senate to consider the agreement, for the paperwork to be prepared, and for the President to sign it. This is a very short- term extension which will enable us to complete our work and not even have a temporary shutdown. I urge my colleagues to allow the short extension to pass the Senate expeditiously so we can move on to the diligence we need to provide in debating the appropriations bill.

    We will have a vote at 12:15. The vote at 12:15 is on the short-term extension of the current continuing funding resolution. It will be for 72 hours. It takes us through Saturday. I hope we are done before Saturday.

    This is not a vote on the appropriations bill itself, nor should it be viewed as a proxy vote. It is just simply a technical time bridge to enable us to have adequate debate in the House and adequate debate and review in the Senate to do this.

    I really hope my colleagues support this 72-hour extension so we do not have the usual drama we have of fiscal cliffs and shutdowns and so on. My colleague, the Senator from Alabama Mr. Shelby, who is my vice chairman, is involved in other duties in the Senate, but he too supports this 72-hour extension. We have been working so diligently on our bill through the holidays so we could have a bill before the Senate, and I must say it has been characterized by diligence, determination, and courtesy. But it takes time. It takes time to review, and it takes time to scrutinize. Quite frankly, it took time to discuss the issues involved in the appropriations.

    [[Page S344]] All 12 subcommittees are represented. But I will say more about it when we bring the actual bill to the floor.

    Madam President, I yield the floor and I suggest the absence of a quorum.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will call the roll.

    The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll.

    Ms. MIKULSKI. Madam President, I ask unanimous consent that the order for the quorum call be rescinded.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered.

    Ms. MIKULSKI. I ask now for the yeas and nays.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there a sufficient second? There is a sufficient second.

    The yeas and nays were ordered.

    The joint resolution was ordered to a third reading and was read the third time.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under the previous order, the joint resolution having been read the third time, the question is on passage of the joint resolution.

    The yeas and nays have been ordered. The clerk will call the roll.

    The legislative clerk called the roll.

    The result was announced--yeas 86, nays 14, as follows: [Rollcall Vote No. 11 Leg.] YEAS--86 Alexander Ayotte Baldwin Baucus Begich Bennet Blumenthal Blunt Booker Boozman Boxer Brown Burr Cantwell Cardin Carper Casey Chambliss Coats Cochran Collins Coons Corker Cornyn Donnelly Durbin Feinstein Fischer Flake Franken Gillibrand Graham Grassley Hagan Harkin Hatch Heinrich Heitkamp Hirono Hoeven Isakson Johanns Johnson (SD) Johnson (WI) Kaine King Kirk Klobuchar Landrieu Leahy Levin Manchin Markey McCain McCaskill McConnell Menendez Merkley Mikulski Moran Murkowski Murphy Murray Nelson Portman Pryor Reed Reid Rockefeller Sanders Schatz Schumer Sessions Shaheen Shelby Stabenow Tester Thune Toomey Udall (CO) Udall (NM) Warner Warren Whitehouse Wicker Wyden NAYS--14 Barrasso Coburn Crapo Cruz Enzi Heller Inhofe Lee Paul Risch Roberts Rubio Scott Vitter The joint resolution (H.J. Res. 106) was passed.

    Ms. MIKULSKI. Mr. President, I move to reconsider the vote, and I move to lay that motion on the table.

    The motion to lie on the table was agreed to.

    I note the absence of a quorum.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will call the roll.

    The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll.

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