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  • Making Continuing Appropriations During a Government Shutdown

    by Senator Bernard Sanders

    Posted on 2014-06-11

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    SANDERS. Madam President, the Senator from Arizona has been too modest. He deserves a great deal of credit for stepping to the plate when we needed him to step to the plate. He understands that we have an emergency, and it is imperative that the veterans of this country get quality care in a timely manner. He and I were both determined to make sure that something happened.

    I thank Senator McCain and his staff for their hard work on this bill. We will discuss this issue more on the floor. He was absolutely right when he said that we have an emergency. We have to pass this legislation today. We have to get it to conference as soon as possible, and we have to get a good bill on the President's desk next week.

    Again, I thank Senator McCain.

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