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  • Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban

    by Representative John Shimkus

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    SHIMKUS. I want to thank my colleague from North Dakota and just say a couple things.

    First of all, what we have done on the omnibus is great public policy. Crude oil is a commodity like corn and beans that should be sold on the world market.

    Secondly, more oil on the world market lowers the prices for crude oil for everybody.

    Thirdly, on the international security arena, and by focus on Europe, and primarily the old captive nations of Eastern Europe, is that they are being held hostage by energy extortion by the Russians. The more we put more crude oil on the world market, the more that lowers the international price. That makes them have the opportunity to be free and independent from a totalitarian regime that is their neighbor to the east.

    I appreciate my colleague offering me up an opportunity to address this.

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