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  • Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act

    A picture of Senator Cory Gardner

    Senator Cory Gardner

    From: CO

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2015-08-05

    GARDNER. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to the immediate consideration of Calendar No. 192, H.R. 1531. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will report the bill by title. ...

    A picture of Representative Earl L.

    Representative Earl L. "Buddy" Carter

    From: GA District 1

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2015-07-07

    CARTER of Georgia. Madam Speaker, I move to suspend the rules and pass the bill (H.R. 1531) to amend title 5, United States Code, to provide a pathway for temporary seasonal employees in Federal land...

    A picture of Representative Gerald E. Connolly

    Representative Gerald E. Connolly

    From: VA District 11

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2015-07-07

    CONNOLLY. Madam Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume. I thank my friend from Georgia (Mr. Carter) for being here today on the floor. Madam Speaker, obviously, I rise in strong support...