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  • Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act

    by Representative Mike Kelly

    Posted on 2015-02-11

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    KELLY of Pennsylvania. I thank the gentleman.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of the Keystone XL pipeline. It is going to create 42,000 jobs. By the way, those jobs that you are talking about that will be part-time, I guarantee you the Department of Labor will include them in their numbers when they talk about how great we are becoming.

    This is the most federally reviewed pipeline in U.S. history--it is 6 years-- [[Page H957]] and the thing about this that is most impressive is it doesn't cost the American taxpayer one single penny. It is privately funded. And I would guarantee you that along that pipeline, as it is constructed, all those communities are going to benefit from the fact they have people working there, staying in their hotels, buying their food, enhancing their local economy.

    How many more times do we have to talk about this? This is not a Republican issue, by the way. This is an American issue. A majority of the American people support this, and Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate. It is bipartisan and bicameral. My goodness, how rare is that? Business groups and labor unions. You know what? Even President Bill Clinton and President Bush agree this is something that needs to be done.

    News outlets from Bloomberg to The Washington Post to USA Today all say: Build it.

    USA Today gets it right. They say: On the merits, the Obama administration should long ago have said yes . . . but the White House seems to have been paralyzed by its fear of angering our ally Canada if it says no or infuriating Democratic environmentalists if it says yes . . . It is long past time to say yes.

    President Obama must say ``yes'' to new jobs, he must say ``yes'' to bipartisanship, he must say ``yes'' to good government, he must say ``yes'' to America, and he must say ``yes'' to the Keystone pipeline. It is long past due, my friends.

    Let's move American forward, let's become energy self-sustaining, and let's be the leader in the world when it comes to energy. This debate is way past time, and the thought that we shouldn't do it now because the oil market is down, my goodness, nothing could be further from the truth.

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